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The Last Episode of Television Playing on Rewind 

nicola film strip 2022.jpg

If you have found yourself here, I wanted to thank you for coming and to tell you a few things straight. 

My name is Nicola (but my friends call me Nicky) and I am a surrealist artist living in Hollywood, California. 

I built this website with the desire to see my story laid out and as a little investigation into how different media speak to each other.  Some works are finished,  some are in progress, some are visual , some words, some here today, some gone tomorrow, & all exist as small performances.

In addition to this personal portfolio , I work as a filmmaker , photographer, & mime with my world famous sister Juliana Giraffe.  Together we own and operate  Giraffe Studios Imagination Emporium, a film studio and backlot located at Tropico Beauty.     
Our commercial film and photography work & our STAR STUDDED MIME MOVIE can be viewed here 

I'm a proud first generation Valley Girl with a shoe fetish, love of rock n' roll music, and an affinity for the color red. 

Gracias por venir, 

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