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The Last Episode of Television Playing on Rewind 

A Elle 

My thoughts 


Bleeding under the table, I pinch the vein like a telephone line; the artery swelling and

I'm swallowing the words that won’t make it home to



In California, 


Always patient & waiting  for me in Casablanca while I write this postcard on Mexico time . 


Addressed to: 


Las Dos  / 

            The Two of Her , 


To: The one with the open palm ; scared by a cicatrix from where the Calla Lilly grows,  

To:  The one with limp wrist that dropped his ivory cameo. 



the sweet ones that lay together now, quiet  ,  strong  ,  and resting. 

Like twin columns, pedestals, fallen in the storm. 


Or,  put simply, 


        like — 


Two woman that I know, who together/alone made it through the war. 


that’s us.        (you know)

laying heavy on the daffodil floor


Sharing words like jewelry and wounds like stones — 

With healing backs and mending knees 

Our history, a river of ink black hair running between us; 

    tangled over perfect bodies flecked with fireworks of white paint,  broken glass , 

& heads faced sunny-side-up towards the smiling open ceiling 


Where in the sky blue sky above me 


I see 


You on the airplane alone and strong, 


I see 


You in New York city, singing 




With lips free & breathing the aria in overlapping tones 


Exhaling : the memory of turbulence,

Inhaling : the journey is always home; 


Cross-checked and cleared  for 



     a staring role in this opera of individuation, where The Body Keeps the Score 


My character,  returned to Hollywood under the disco ball, 


        flowers in her hair & stolen shoes. 

with such pretty hands & ink stained fingers  reaching       out to life    like lovers do 

& from the invisible center I explode     

         in curiosity, without conflict, without violence,  in living violet hues


I’m blooming! 

I’m in stitches! 

I’m bursting at the seams! 



It’s without the words , 

I sing —

The song of sweet compulsion to the tune of solitude’s own. 




Love  ,  

        fall apart,  

         postcard heart. )


Always becoming, 





It’s all so beautiful, so beautiful to me.  

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